Since 1927 quality day after day

We have just celebrated our ninetieth year in business yet the quality and passion we put into our work have remained the same. We have seen many changes and have always succeeded in keeping pace with changes in the market, in raw materials and in the tastes of our customers. Initially we specialised in local cheeses. Then once we had refined our experience, we opened up to many other cheese and dairy products, Montasio in particular. Our objective however has always been to go the extra mile. Therefore we didn’t stop, we didn’t settle for what we had achieved. We applied our know-how to hams and salamis, whilst keeping our sights set on local tradition.


Quality, tradition and authenticity.

The Pezzetta family have always focussed on one objective: to create high quality cheese specialties. With precisely this mind, in 2009 a dairy was established in Ovaro, at an altitude of 525 metres. Here in Upper Carnia we are able to carefully select and control the milk we use and produce cheese using state-of-the-art techniques whilst always remaining loyal to tradition.


From ancient craft traditions, to discover new flavors.

Our history began in 1927 andsince then several generations have followed and continue to follow in the footsteps of tradition. A tradition whose home is in Friuli. We are based in Fagagna, in the heart of this region, not far from San Daniele del Friuli, and it is here in our 3,000 square metre facility that most of our ripening and ageing processes are carried out.

Our factory is equipped with a packaging facility and various ripening stores, the heart of our work, fitted with highly sophisticated aeration systems, which enable us to create the different types of environments suited to all the varioussorts of cheeses. This allows us to meet customer demand for excellent, high quality products.

Quality policy

In consideration of the market in which it operates and driven by the desire to make the company a sure point of reference for mainly national customers,
Pezzetta has chosen to adopt and implement a company Quality Management System.